We're coming into Spring in Sydney and everything is starting to grow.  People are spending more time outdoors, probably gardening, and going into the realm of insects and spiders.  Naturally, they will want to protect their patch.

There's only one spider in Sydney that you really need to worry about - the Funnel Web.  Their bites are the only ones that have been known to cause a death.

The symptoms of a bite from a Funnel Web are the following:

  • Pain, but not much inflammation at the site
  • Profuse sweating
  • Tingling sensation around the mouth
  • Production of a lot of saliva
  • Abdominal pain
  • Twitching
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Confusion before unconsciousness
All this can occur within 10 minutes of receiving the bite.

So what do you do?
Apply the Pressure Immobilisation Technique without delay.  Use a broad pressure bandage, elasticised if possible.  The objective is to slow down the lymphatic drainage, not the blood flow.  The bandage should be firm and tight so that you can't slide a finger in between the bandage and the skin.
Splint the limb, and keep the victim and limb very still.  Leave it to the ambulance officers or the hospital to remove the bandage.

  • Try to suck out the poison.
  • Wash the area
  • Apply an arterial tourniquet
For more information, please visit the guidelines of the Australian Resuscitation Council.
If you really want to be prepared this summer, you might like to learn more about speeder envenomation at one of our classes in HLTAID003 Provide first aid.  We run these classes in the City of Sydney RSL, George St. Sydney, and in North Parramatta.

olivia marulli 26 Sep 2019 3:04 PM

Participated today (26/09/19) in CPR and first aid course at the Bundoora location with Theo.
I am very impressed and well informed of the basis of first aid and CPR and couldn't recommend CPR first aid enough! All classes I have been too (either the past or present) have been informative and had a great balance of theory and practical components and never fail to disappoint! You really do get your money worth!
Thank you CPR first aid for supplying such informative classes and making me feel more confident with supplying both of these on a day to day basis!


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