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Interested in learning about our product selection? Learn about our first aid kits and defibrillator (AED) packages here.

Defibrillator Products

Authorised Distributor of the HeartSine Defibrillator products (distributor no. 2153)

Workplace First Aid Kit

$185 (incl. P&H)
Workplace compliant first aid kit.  See Contents List for kit contents.
Complete the Order Form and email to us at admin@cprfirstaid.com.au

Vehicle First Aid Kit

$110 (incl. P&H)

Compact vehicle or travel kit.  Includes new SMART snake bandage.

See the Contents List for a list of contents for the Vehicle Kit.

Complete the Order Form and email to us at admin@cprfirstaid.com.au.

Contact us at admin@cprfirstaid.com.au to order kits for your workplace, home or car.