Our Training

We are driven by providing a learning experience that is engaging, convenient and effective. By constantly endeavouring to improve our teaching techniques, we aim to deliver a first aid training option that allows students to gain an understanding of first aid and CPR techniques.

Our staff across Melbourne, Sydney and throughout Australia are backed by years of experience in teaching CPR courses and training sessions that are designed to support the student for realistic contexts. It’s through this that we believe our courses to be positive, dynamic and enthusiastic.

Our mission

Established in 2005, we’ve worked tirelessly to achieve an extensive collection of courses that offer you the chance to learn CPR and first aid. Open to both the public and private sectors, we’re able to cater for those both inside the workforce, or even those entering back into it – we’re here to help.

Why train with us?

  • We are an accredited and registered training organisation that provides nationally-recognised training options across Australia.
  • Our spacious, training centres throughout Melbourne and Sydney are conveniently located and able to offer accredited sessions to suit your requirements. Additionally, our instructors are able to travel to any hired venue.
  • Regulated by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), we strive to ensure all of our vocational education programs give students an appropriate understanding of the CPR and first aid training material.
  • We offer courses that can be readily accessed online.
  • We’ve assisted over 18,000 successful trainees across Melbourne, Sydney and throughout Australia to obtain their accreditation.
  • All of our classes are available at 16 specific locations across Melbourne and Sydney. Sessions run seven days a week.

Contact us on 1300 642 427 to find out more information about our accredited courses and how you can participate in CPR first aid training courses in Sydney and Melbourne.